Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Princess cakes - not failsafe or dairy-free

It was Miss 3's birthday party on Monday and I made her cakes using the Thermomix.

Cakes: I used this recipe - only problem was they did not cook in 15 minutes - needed 30 minutes

Icing: I added all ingredients (120g butter, 240g icing sugar and 2 T milk) to TM bowl. Then added the colour. Too easy.

Decorations were using Orchard white icing which hubby coloured. He did most of the faces - I did the hair and some eyes :)

Next birthday cake will be for Kate and then we'll be doing the dairy-free cakes with failsafe icing (soak red cabbage in water to get colouring... stay tuned come September for photos :) )


  1. Hi, just wondering if you're based in Australia, and if you'd like your blog listed on an Australian Food Bloggers directory I am putting together?


  2. Glad you liked my recipe! I use a pretty hot oven for these, that's why mine only take 15 minutes.