Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chicken wonton noodle soup - failsafe adapted

Tonight I cooked a wonton noodle soup using Karen's recipe and altering it (very minorly) to make it failsafe.


1/2 chicken breast, minced
1/2 leek
4 garlic cloves
1 small carrot
2 canned pear halves
1/8th cabbage, chopped

I followed Karen's instruction to chop on speed 6 and mix well.

Soak rice paper wrappers in hot water, corner up to middle and put spoonful of mix in centre. Place in sprayed varoma.

in basket place:
some celery leaves
1 small carrot, chopped diagonally
4 garlic cloves
leek (the green bits)

In bowl of tmx place 800g water and TM-31 (Failsafe adapted) veg stock concentrate. No need to rinse bowl from wonton mix.

Place basket in and cook for 20 minutes on varoma speed 3/4, with varoma (with wontons) on top. 5 minutes before end place chopped asian vegs (I used bok choy) in varoma with wontons.

Serve broth, with rice noodles (soaked in water per instructions) with wontons and Asian greens.

This was yummy, though very mild. Hubby and Mr 6 added chilli sauce to theirs and I ended up adding soy sauce to mine (I've challenged soy and Kate is fine with it so I do use soy).

The wontons were gorgeous - Kate ate a very substantial amount of wontons!

Next time I will use small rice papers as my wontons were huge!

Also, next time, add salt to broth


  1. i was trying to post from work to say not to use whole rice papers as it's too much! how did you find them? i was going to halve or quarter them next time. did i have sauces in my original soup? i can't remember LOL i don't like bland things myself though we can't add chilli as ryan can't eat it (even garlic can be too spicy for him sometimes lol)

  2. Hi, what brand/type of wrappers do you use for your wontons that are Failsafe?